(Desktop) Mouse Sensitivity Or Keeping Mouse In Sansar Window

When 'steering' your avatar around, it is VERY easy and common for the mouse pointer to fly out of the app and be into other windows, especially for those of us with multiple displays.

I usually use Sansar in windowed-mode as I am using it along side other apps.
Setting the mouse sensitivity in Windows does not help with Sansar, and affects sensitivity for ALL other apps running, and is not a viable answer.

Setting the Sansar window to maximized/full screen also does not help, as the mouse escapes.

Perhaps the best solution would be to ENSURE the mouse stays in the Sansar window when MAXIMIZED (which assumes I'm spending more time running around exploring/testing at the time), and keep the same behaviour when Sansar is Windowed.

In any case, right now it's almost impossible to steer the avatar (at advanced movement levels) because the mouse flies out of the window, and the sensitivity is almost next to nothing to steer the avatar as it is.

With the latest update, of jump and the (at the date of this posting) a lagging camera that doesnt move tight with the avatar....
This overcorrection, reset of the mouse is even worse.


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