VR on Vive has stopped working

This is the second time I've had this happen, the first it magically fixed itself after a day or two.


Using vive and launched in order:  Steam, Steam VR, Sansar (from inside steam VR home) 

Sansar starts on desktop.  VR is left standing in grey matrix with Sansar loading screen. Desktop client works but nothing makes VR come back on. 

Tried restarting Sansar, Sansar and SteamVR, entire machine.  No effect. 

Sansar was working last night.  Have tried other VR apps and they are working fine.  As mentioned, Sansar did this to me once before about a week ago.  Eventually just gave up and walked away.  Next time I ran it (a couple of days later) it was magically fixed. 


Happy to take a work-around.  If ther'es some temp file I can blow away or whatever, please let me know.

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