The store needs a dashboard

A store owner should have a store dashboard.
Point 1 maybe like a pinned comment they can have a featured item or series(collection) which I will get into. The featured item will sit at the top of listings and can be changed at the store owners convenience.

Point 2 there is allot of spam in the market. Store owner has 1000 listings because one item is listed many times to do colour or pattern variation. What would be better is if you had a collection. Meaning one advertising thumbnail that leads too a page to show the variation colors and patterns. So some may want the old way but most will probably enjoy the collections

Point 3 I bring this up for something bigger... My buddy made a robot avatar. We want to create a universe around it with eventual experiences and story line. The avatar is the start... the attachments are sold separately for more sales due to extra work put in to the base avatar. So base robot avatar has three attachments sold separately.. artillery cannon mounted on back, thrusters on calves and four arms, shoulder mounted homing missiles. The consumer may never know there are attachments because the spam in the market... So for this you would have base avatar.. which takes you to a page that will point to attachments for that specific avatar


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