New Accessories Tab - Interactive Items (Worn Items with Scripts)

To help increase interactivity between avatars and their experiences. To add a new accessories tab that would contain wearable items that would have scripts inside of them. The scripts can cover a wide range of purposes. They can be Animation overriders that come with a wheelchair, which would make the avatar sit in the wheel chair. Possibly in desktop mode make the arms push the wheels, in VR mode be free for the user to move. Scripts can be made to interact with specific items in an experience. For example the worn item can be a health bar. In the experience a damage causing item can bump into the avatar and tell the health bar to lower its health display.

Worn Items can also talk with each other. For example a Mage character would put on a Robe that would give the character +30 magic damage, but take away health points. If the user is wearing the Mage staff, it will update its damage to do +30 damage.

Experience creators can make dungeons with loot chests at the end and include unlockable items using the new Quest system (touch to unlock). Or Interactive Items could be sold on the marketplace that would give higher stats if the user would rather spend money instead of spending time trying to unlock those items.

Brainstorming Image:


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