Assigning Audio Materials To Each Mesh Material In An Object

Currently we can assign an audio material to an object, and this is okay for single objects uploaded into Sansar.

However, on architecture or buildings, which may have multiple materials, it would be nice to assign audio materials PER material on the object.

I don't know what kind of limits would be set, or any issues I'm unaware of.

I have a building that has a concrete area, that needs concrete. On the same mesh, there is a wooden floor.
(If uploaded as one mesh or group), I could also have metal steps going up to a second floor, or a floating catwalk.

Right now, the entire building can only be assigned one audio material, so as the user walks around, no difference in surfaces can be noticed.

A different workflow, whereas pieces are uploaded singularly, and the building constructed piece by piece in the Experience obviously bypasses this somewhat.
However, if I use a 'foundation' with 2 materials, I will still run into the problem, because the materials are concrete and wood.


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