3D models always look too shiny after import into Sansar (standard Albedo map).


I'm at a bit of an impasse here.

I've created a few objects using Blender 2.8, and they look okay to me as a novice - certainly not shiny, which is how I want them usually.

In Blender, I use the Node called 'Principled BSDF' [on Shading tab] and turn off everything except 'Roughness' (that's on 1.0 [full]). Export my model, import to Sansar using Standard shader and Albedo Map (assigned to my custom Texture) - all other options here are default (Normal, Roughness, Metalness).

I also make sure to Decimate my mesh to get it as low as possible without losing too much of the shape detail.

Anyway, as soon as I drop the object in my test area (nothing fancy, grid, and bright skybox), the object looks like shiny plastic. It didn't look like this in Blender, and nor in the simple FBX viewer in Windows 10. So what is the Sansar engine doing that the other tools are not?

It doesn't make a difference whether I standardize geometry or not, beyond that when standardized it looks a tad smoother (which is what I'd expect).

Can someone offer me some advice here about how to banish this shiny plastic look that my objects seem to inhereit as soon as they are imported and processed by the Sansar engine?

Here are some screenshots:

1) The model in Blender 2.8 (not shiny)

2) The exported FBX model viewed in Windows 10's 3D Viewer (not shiny either!)

3) The model following import into Sansar with default lighting on Bright Clouds Skybox (super shiny plastic effect horrible cow!)

See what I mean! So, why is Sansar making my otherwise non-shiny models look really really really shiny?

Thanks all!

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