Experience Character Selection

A lot of mutliplayer games on steam have some kind of class/team/avatar selection when joining an instance of game. The idea is to let experience creators upload their own avatars during scene editing, and let visitors pick one when joining the experience. By just including a property on the agent in c# of which avatar they picked, it would be possible to expand this to a wide range of scriptable gameplay.

Adding this ability to sansar will allow for things like:

  • team based games (red vs blue, etc) 
  • scene optimizations on avatars in the experience during build time 
  • more control for experience creators on the look and feel of their experience 
  • rpg like class based games (mage/warrior/healer/etc) 
  • letting avatar creators have their creations used in appropriate scenes only, while not having to sell the avatar and give full ownership of it. 
  • prevent cheating and griefing in games with invisible/tiny/offensive avatars


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