Help make Sansar more viable for creators

This is often discussed on the discord but we are often told to come here to comment - so here we go...

The change to buying S$100 for $1.00USD and then sell back at S$250 for $1.00USD is a tad ridiculous. (I do say this as a person grandfathered in at a sell back of S$143/$1.00USD until the end of this year)

It is disheartening to know how much Linden grabs, essentially as commission, from creators on a platform that they constantly boast is *for* creators.

I don't think that the creators on Sansar are unreasonable. We understand that Linden MUST take some off the top to stay afloat and that is both an industry standard and completely reasonable as a platform.

My concern is the HUGE buy/sell gap of the Sansar dollar WITH the 15% transaction fee WITH the 1.5% ($3.00 min - $15 max) cash out fee.

With all of these various points of earned money lost - something needs to give. And....Honestly? That 15% listing fee and the $250 sell back worth seems to stick out like a sore thumb.

Sansar will only grow and flourish if it's packed with amazing items for the user experience and these numbers are not terribly encouraging for the creators behind those items.

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