My Request and features and info.

* I'm a second life user noob. for a few months.

 (cause my old pc wouldn't run it like 10 years ago when i tried it.)

* I like to build stuff.. so.. this is the exact opposite of sl. and it's why i'm still here. Sansar... I do like to build stuff. it just needs a few more things fixed....

 #1: Is show the Percentage % of the Upload. Cause.. some people's upload speed sucks. like mine. While the download speed is fast an fine. no prob there. and maybe do away with that uploading for testing. click and test the map. OR maybe live test the map your working on? without uploading? yeah? But yeah... most peoples upload speed is 1-5mb. dsl speed. Unless your in a foreign country... then it's 80mb's upload. Sorry.. America screws us all with 1-5mb upload speed. thx america.. nice.. thx for the slow granny upload speed.

#2: Add Gold Hunt or Fish Hunt to get more players here. Others I read say that there's nothing to do here.... and it isn't. but look. So just add that and ur done. that problem is now solved... Add fish hunt or gold hunt to sansar and that problem be gone. done. enjoy!

* But that's just my opinion.. after using SL for a few months. I still come here to build stuff. * The Only problem here is: Everyone is building now.. and not: Socializing... I get it.. BUT when they all get tired of building.. YUP. i can see it... I know what your doing now.... nice. kinda of a gamble tho...but a good one.

It has better graphics....sansar!  so get with the program and add what sl has!








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