Grouped Objects Options: X,Y,Z Transform Values & Snap

Please consider adding X,Y,Z positioning (currently grayed out) for a folder that includes a group of objects. Position and Rotation.

Grouped objects is a welcome addition, but sometimes that group will need to be edited or upgraded, so positioning is important.

Currently we cannot add Transform Values into the fields of a Grouped Object, they are grayed out. This is necessary in cases where group may need to be edited, or positioned in the world, and X:0.6780 and Y: -1.6555 is not workable as it is not on the grid.

It is also tough to rotate a group of objects perfectly 90 degrees or otherwise, as there is no snap and no feedback as to current rotation of object.

I also understand that this may be a workflow issue: Some of us build things in the world, and others may prebuild in their 3D Software of choice. Both should be considered equal but different. Both will share the same issue though, as even importing a premade scene will still need some positioning values.

Also. Snap.. the snap is so much faster.

(Edited due to updated Group Folders 032319)


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