MS WMR Samsung HMD Odyssee+

Hi there! Still using Second Life since more than 11 years now, I bought new gear to try Sansar and accompany it's path to becoming a fully useful virtual world. Sadly my MS WMR Samsung HMD Odyssee+ does not have controllers that work with Sansar. I thought that SteamVR would build the bridge to Sansar? I checked with the SteamVR beta and found none of the triggers, trackpads, buttons and joysticks are assigned to any action of Sansar. Not being a developer I do not feel able to make a correct assignment between controller and game. Is it really that difficult to enable WMR headsets? With revive I can even play Oculus exclusive games nicely. Just not Sansar. I would be happy to support and test if anyone could suggest a solution to successfully use Sansar with my gear. All the best, Trew


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