IK Retargeting/Fully Custom Avatars

Hello! I wanted to potentially open up a dialogue regarding Sansar and the current avatar system. I'm a VR content creator who's created worlds/avatars for NeosVR, High Fidelity, and VRChat. I've been wanting to make worlds and avatars for Sansar, but a specific element of the Sansar experience has prevented myself and other creators from wanting to engage in the platform.

Specifically, at this point in time every other platform aside from Sansar supports incredibly easy avatar importing that takes advantage of modern retargeting capabilities to enable a wide variety of shaped avatars. However, in Sansar's case... you generally have to have an avatar that's in the exact size and shape of the skeleton provided. Why is this?

Considering that Linden's largest user base in Second Life is more often than not users with anthropomorphic avatars, which by nature don't adhere to Sansar's strictly human skeletal standard, this is really really strange to me.

In addition, looking at VRChat's primary user base (small anime girls) or High Fidelity's user base (robotic/furry avatars), I'd say this level of variety in what you can represent yourself as is core to the VR social experience. I want to see Sansar succeed as a platform but given that my avatar wouldn't adhere to the incredibly strict avatar limitations that Sansar imposes, I can't really use the app and feel like I'm representing myself as I'd like to.

I really hope to hear a response from the Sansar team on this as the second Sansar opens up avatar creation and makes it easy to import from other platforms/other model rigs, I'll be on there with tons of friends from other social platforms. I hope to one day be able to pull people over to it.


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