How to use the Conference Room Screen

The Sansar Studios Conference Room has a functional TV screen!



You can control it with chat commands as follows:

  • /help: show these options
  • /media [URL] navigates to specified URL
  • /youtube or /yt [VIDEO_ID] [OPTIONAL_START_TIME] autoplays at full screen
  • /ytlive [CHANNEL_NAME] plays YouTube live channels
  • /ytpl [PLAYLIST_ID] plays a YouTube playlist
  • /twitch [CHANNEL_NAME] plays a Twitch channel
  • /twitchv [VIDEO_ID] plays a Twitch video
  • /twitchallow accepts Twitch mature content *
  • /vimeo [VIDEO_ID] plays a Vimeo video

* regarding Twitch mature content: some Twitch URLs will show a screen like this:

/twitchallow is equivalent to hitting the "Start Watching" button on the screen to accept mature content. 

NOTE: executing this command will only apply to your own screen.  Other people in the experience will need to run the same chat command to start watching this content.

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