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On all the other engines I use and sell my models/services in, I do not just sell singular items, but I can sell in Packs using version tags to denote whether the content is an update/upgrade on the contents, or new content.

It is a very popular system that works worldwide. If you are serious about scene creations, buying Packs and or Sets, gives you a variety of tools to work with for rapid creation.

The current system of selling everything singular has its merits, but I am not asking to drop that, but to expand the process to include bundles.

For instance, I make shower enclosures, in Sansar I have to sell each component that makes up the enclosure separately which is both time consuming and tedious. I need to sell that as a Set that allows individual manipulation of each component.

Using these tried and tested methods would reduce the browsing time and storage capacity of the store..

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