Please fix it so Twitch Autohost channels can be played in fullscreen on a media screen

The Sansar watch rooms are great but they would be even better with one added feature. As you may know you can host other people's channels on your Twitch channel when you're not live yourself. This way you can have interesting content playing practically 24/7 on your channel. Moreover, when you go live, your channel automatically switches to your livestream--no need to manually change anything.

It would be ideal to be able to play such a channel with autohosted content fullscreen in Sansar as then there wouldn't really be any need for channel switching at all via scripts or rebuilds. This would solve all kinds of problems. But at the moment autohosted channels will not play in fullscreen mode in Sansar. They WILL play in non-full screen mode. They won't play in fullscreen because playing in fullscreen requires use of the Twitch Player pop-out window which doesn't support autohost.

Hope this can be fixed in time!



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