The gift transaction fee in Sansar is UNACCEPTABLE

Hello, Team Sansar

Your gifting transaction fee is UNACCEPTABLE.

You are effectively acting as a payment processor while CHARGING FIVE TO TEN TIMES THE INDUSTRY STANDARD. I wanted to donate to my friend's Experience. Of the 3085 Sansar Dollars I sent, you taxed me an exorbitant 403 Sansar Dollars. It would make more financial sense to just let my friend add my credit card to their account. THINK ABOUT HOW ABSURD THAT IS.

Imagine buying a $50 gift card in the real world an receiving just $42,50 worth of credit. Who in their right mind would accept that kind of deal? That's effectively what you're offering people who want to support and donate to others' Experiences.

You, as a company, are involved in every step of the financial chain. You control rates at the SandeX Exchange, you control the fees for Experiences, you control the tax on sales and you control the fees for changing Sansar Dollars back into other currencies. You have all the tools and financial control you need to run a business .. yet, for some reason, on top of all that, you also feel the need to tax gifts and donations?!

Imagine being in a store with your friend, giving them $50 to buy something nice, and the store owner coming up to you to merrily snap $7,50 out of your hands before you or your friend have even bought anything. Imagine how outraged and cheated you'd feel.


So what kind of clueless idiot approved of doing this in Sansar?

Processing fees and payouts are something you negotiate with your content creators, not your content consumers. As such, I'm refusing to buy any further into Sansar. This is sad for content creators who are creating tons of great things, but I won't support predatory business practices.

I have more than a dozen regions running on your other product, Second Life, and am spending substantial amounts of money every month buying products from the Marketplace and in world, supporting friends financially and donating to different projects. I was hopeful that Sansar might turn into something similar (and it looked that way on my most recent visit), but after seeing your transaction fees, I'm frankly disgusted just thinking of how much money you'd be charging me just to support others after already having paid fees at the exchange.

If you, as a company, don't wise up to what is acceptable business practice and what is not, Sansar does not deserve any modicum of success, and you, as company, do not deserve my money.

a very pissed off customer



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