Sansar, Build With Friends!

 I'm not too sure if this topic has already been cover in a prior post, but I figure with the current state of Sansar it's a good time to visit -and/or- re-visit this subject. Building experiences with friends, associates, or creative colleagues. It would be great to hear other's thoughts and ideas on how Sansar could better implement a means to build experiences with others, or why they should. (This is with the assumption that this is not already a mechanics, or one intended further down the roadmap.)

Me: I have an extremely large project in it's precursor stage, and it definitely would benefit from having other like minded people on the level to craft the experience with. What I am working on is surely going to be a culmination of many connected experiences and frankly I am no blender, script, or mesh aficionado so there are aspects of my project which are simply beyond me, but I have a vision and I can create/design scenes/experiences with the right team. I just can't introduce my team to the project with out them having physical involvement in the individual experiences. Being able to lay down their custom imports, scripts, ect. Would definitely expedite a lot of the process and add an additional creative "flare" to my own potential progress on the project. I am trying to do something that Sansar may or may not be in the right stage to see brought into the Atlas, though I am hoping down the line it will become a realistic eventuality to create large scale games, cities, and storied worlds together. And for this reason I am holding on to my hopes for Sansar as a whole.


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