Create a floating system HUD for Mic, Emotes, chat window opening, etc.

I find it jarring to have to open my wrist menu to get to things.  My body disappears and half the time I click the wrong button and go teleporting off across the experience (I can't seem to break myself of this, LOL).  For things like muting the mic so I don't cough in everyone's ear it simply takes too long to deal with and then it's too late.  For this reason I propose some sort of (optional to use and toggled on and off from the wrist menu) system HUD that we can have floating in our VR field of vision.  It would not have to be large and wouldn't need to have all of the buttons that the wrist menu has these four would mostly do it:





If it had a sticky/persistent location that we could set, ie next one of our feet for example, out of the way.  Then all we would have to do is look down and poke and voila no random teleporting, no coughing or whatever in anyone's ears.


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