VR Controller and Trigger Volume API Bugs

I have talked with Kelly about this, but, wanted to document the bugs I have found in the VR Controllers interacting with Collision and Trigger Volumes.
When using collision (CollisionEventType.Character) subscription it doesn't work because the CollisionEventType.Character does not appear to have a data.HitControlPoint reported. It is always Data.HitControlPoint: Invalid. In other words, the Character Collision does not recognize the VR controllers. Therefore you cannot use Character Collisions and VR Controllers. The Bug is then to recoginze data.HitControlPoing for VR Controllers when using Character Collision Events.

When using a CollisionEventType.Trigger subscription it works once and stops working as long as my fist is closed. If I open my fist after exiting the TV and then close it again before entering the TV, it will register a new. In other words, it works just like interaction with having to open and close the fist (hit the trigger button) to reset it so that it will honor the new data.HitControlPoint. The bug is then that when entering and exiting Trigger Volumes it should not require the avatar to release the trigger and press it again before honoring TV enter and exit events.

A new feature that would be useful would be having the ability to reset the Trigger Event with code so that the scripter could control whether the Enter and Exit events could be honored with or without the trigger key release and press cycle. In other word, keep the fist closed and every Enter and Exit event is fired from the TV or require the key release and press cycle before honoring the Enter and Exit events.


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