Unable to get past the beginning room

so.. aside from being an absolute lurker, I've been trying to actually get into sansar, and I keep running into a problem while using it on the Rift. Two things will happen, after I've loaded everything up and gotten into the starting area.

ONE: the game will lock up and freeze. The Rift still works and I can hit the home button and everything and bring up the menu, but sansar itself is completely unresponsive. I can't even close it out. Task manager's "End Task" button does nothing.
TWO: My sensor setup goes completely wonky, and the center of my room is placed outside the guardian lines. To explain it better, one minute I'm standing inside my safety box, the next, the safety box has moved to some awkward angle to my left. And I'm standing outside of it.

I've only tried a couple times, but this has been the result both times. and both times, I've had to restart my computer to resolve the box issue, cause it won't go away, and to close out the game, cause that won't go away.

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