Add some sort of "weight" information in the market listings

It is great that we do not have prim limits in Sansar - that said, it would be useful information for experience creators to know something about how heavy a given item is for their experience.  Even just the memory usage total for the total object as shown when you export scene info would do it. 


Object: "Wood Chair"

Geometry: 496 kb

Texture 64: kb


Total weight in scene: 560 kb


Not only would this help experience builders make informed buying choices, but it would help those of us creating for Sansar to see how our work is comparing up to others.  If I see that most people making chairs are using 560 but mine are coming up 3200 or something, then I can evaluate whether I should reduce and by how much.  Or if my item is something where that weight is desirable and justified (for the size/detail or whatever), then having that information available to buyers ensures that they don't get my item and have a cow when it turns out to be heavy.


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