User setting to scroll local chat in VR when chat window closed

I find the chat windows a real PITA in VR mode.  They are always in the way, cant be made more transparent, don't pop back up where you had them open last and grabbing them and moving them around can look pretty odd when having a conversation with someone.  I would like to have a transparent scrolling chat that i can put in my field of vision (without all the box around and topper) to simply scroll the last half dozen lines or so past and vanish them after a given amount of time.  This would approximate the way it works in SL when the chat window is closed and would be far less bothersome than fighting with that view-obscuring window we have now.  

Just making it so we could lose the topper and border around the current window would be a start, but i think that having the text vanish after a bit would be less jarring so perhaps a second kind of window would be better.


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