Achievement system for exploring creator worlds

A achievement system in sansar will increase exploration of worlds. Example, when creator makes a new world, it will get an "item" that can be placed anywhere on the map, either hidden to make the visitor find it, or simply visible to the eye anywhere. So that item when is touched by a visitor it will gain a specific amount of achievement exp for finding/touching the item in that world. So players will always have to jump in new worlds to find another item to gain exp, if you touched once you can't gain exp anymore from that experience, and you have to jump in other world to explore and find the item again to gain more exp. So this way, players will not stay in one place forever and ever, and all experiences will become important this way.

Also creators will get a good reason this way to come up with cool game ideas, to hide the exp item at the end of a : maze, dungeon , parkour, climb, etc, games to make your way to the end, to find and touch the "sansar achievement exp item".

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