Meet the tree family(WIP)

first scene - the tree family of psychedelic trees like the Ents in Lord of the Rings BUT a very very distant relative to them ... - the psychedelics tree family ---

the rock in the sky is being developed ... as long as I don't fall thru the terrain ... :) 

Work In Progress (WIP)  

The idea is that each tree can // May sing songs they like.  the rocks are like effects boxes.. and can bounce sounds around and alter them. And then when we go there we get to hear mixes between trees of the various song being performed by them.

I have published in experiences "meet the tree family" but it is always getting better -- I hope.   


I want to direct this whole show - but I am open (very open) to help.

post in this thread Ideas about this or ... --- well

I might have start fresh - again because of setting this setting to ... the wrong value ...or something. :( 

this is my edit screen

this next image is  the --- actual image in the experience as it starts..


OK stop laughing this is not funny... I just drown... :( 

HOW do I revert back to other saved versions and such... (I changed so many settings to what I intuitively thought was what I wanted)  I need to revert to saved..?

maybe I move this post/thread to a help section ?

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