Green Highlighting on Interaction is Disruptive to Immersion

The green highlighting on objects to let know users that they can interact with an object can wreck the immersive experience in VR pr desktop.  It was somewhat useful especially when interaction was new, but, now it needs to be optional as a minimum.  When you add multiple interaction to objects it means the entire object turns green when you have focus on it.  It washes out the 3d model which you may have spent along time making look good.  In the case of many of my interactive objects which have multiple control surfaces on the model it doesn't guide you at all to what parts of the model has interaction it just washes out the entire model with the green glow.

I have interactive musical instruments that have many interactive parts, jukebox with controls, media screen with controls, interactive games, etc that all look horrible because of the green glow and do nothing to help people with interactivity.  We already have the mouseover text which is sufficient.  Whenever I seen people interact with the interactive models the first thing they say is can you get rid of the green highlighting?  It makes it hard for them to see which button to push on the model, so, rather than helping with interaction it makes it harder to interact with.

If the goal is to make immersive interactive experiences then the green glow needs to either go or at least be something that a creator can turn on or off.  This is currently so bad that I may just stop making interactive objects.  It will make creators more likely not make interactive objects than make them.



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