VR spaces tied to physical spaces

This is a niche request, but I think it has potential. Food for thought.

The basic idea is to allow a given Sansar experience to be designed to mirror a real-world space that has physical walls and props roughly mimicking what's in VR. Beyond construction of the experience, profiles for specific devices would be configured and calibrated to synchronize them.

Most VR systems are designed with a small-space user in mind who can sit, stand in one place, or move around a small room while exploring much larger spaces. Naturally, a room could potentially be more than large enough to explore a small experience, but this goes a step farther by allowing designers to put tables, walls, doors, and other props in the space with players. This is an emerging type of entertainment now, with escape rooms, laser tag-style team battles, and others appearing around the world.

A good compliment to this would be the ability to track movable props. If a person opens a real door, the one in the experience opens, too. Toss a beach ball and the VR version also flies off.


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