Sansar, despite its beautiful graphics and stoked users, will end. It is not what anyone envisioned, and I feel is a pipe dream using a niche assessed that was really never there. Regardless of the rebuffs by LL employees(you can tell who they are), Sansar is an app which is worthless for any practical purposes. LLs once again has chosen to ignore what people say in favor for its jaded, suck-up, stalinist state ideas and ways of just doing what they want. Inworld at SL, I've noticed those welcome areas and clubs struggling to bring in a decent amount of revenue or people. LLs will FALL if they dont just barrel ahead and make a SL 2 like about EVERYONE wanted. You can all flap your wings and say "it just aint so, Joe" but Id give SL 2 more years at the most. and more LLs employees losing their jobs.


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