voice continually drops, have to jump into lookbook to get it back

this happens maybe every 10 minutes, or even more often. voice just cuts off, can't hear anyone, jumping into lookbook and back fixes temporarily. no "disconnected from voice server" message in local. 

seeing this in the logs, not sure it's related - 

<10:34:34.647> [LLNetwork] [TcpConnection=0x0000014DE795B050] Disconnected: DestinationDisconnected:None
<10:34:34.647> [HttpClient] 0x0000014DC8F4DEC0: Disconnected from ssl<region-conductor-v6.sansar.com>:region-conductor-v6.sansar.com PipelineDepth=0
<10:34:34.647> [LLNetwork] [TcpConnection=0x0000014DE795B050] TcpConnection destroyed
<10:34:38.475> [KafkaManager] RelationshipTable loaded up to offset 705


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