Reflex4 rezzer, trying to make it work

I've been trying to get the Reflex4 rezzer script to work but after numerous hours (I am a bid of a noob) of trying I'm still unable to have it create a single object in my scene.

I have a scene with only a cube. It is a cube with a collider (which I turned off°

I added the following scripts to the cube (In this order)

Script 1: Reflex4 Hub 4.16

  • ShowBangs: "on"
  • Other settings: default

Script2: Reflex4 prox sensor 4.1

  • ReflexName: "Prox1"
  • Withinradius: 3
  • Other settings: default

Script3: Reflex4 random time 4.3

  • ReflexName: "Time1"
  • OnBangs: "Prox1:On"
  • OffBangs: "Prox1:Off"
  • Other settings: default

Script4: Reflex4 rezzer 4.2

  • ReflexName: "Rez1"
  • TriggerBangs: "TrigVol1:On, Click1, Time1"
  • ObjectToRez: "cupe" (the same cube which is in my scene but with "HasCollision" set to "On" and "Motion Type" set to "Dynamic" during import in Sansar.)
  • OffsetPosition: 0,0,2
  • Other settings: "default"

When entering my scene the avatar spawns inside the cube which triggers "System- Bang 'Prox1:On' from Prox1" in the chatbox. When I make the avatar walk away from the cube the message "System- Bang 'Prox1:Off' from Prox1" appears. This makes me assume the "Reflex4 prox sensor" script is working nicely.

When the avatar is close enough to the cube. The message "Bang 'Time1' from Time1" repeatedly appears in the chatbox. This makes me assume the "Reflex4 random time" is also working and playing nice with the "Reflex4 prox sensor" script.

Since "Time1" is set in the "TriggerBangs" field on the "Reflex4 rezzer" script (see above), I would assume (I know, a lot of assumptions but like I said, I am a bid of a noob ;-) at least one cube should appear in my scene. Sadly this is not the case.

I've been at this for hours. What am I overlooking?


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