Allowing Override of the contents of the 4 stream channels

Just as we now can via script , override the media channel, so we can play media, without re-building a scene.  We need this capability as well for the 4 Stream channels. 

While it may seem like 4 should always be enough and you should know in advance what they might be, I think that is not enough. 

If you have a club venue, image re-building your scene between sets, so a new Dj who just hopped on at last minute for a time slot, for a sick DJ or performer. Do you really want to rebuild the scene and disrupt a club, especially when you have another Dj still performing. 

You want the ability to override one of the slots, and put in that new DJ's /Performers streaming URI and then be able to switch to it via script  for a seamless transition.  We need to be able to do this from script, so easy club management tools for a club can be made to make this simple for a club owner or anyone who has a guest  Dj/ performer in there experience.



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