Move import section into the "Inventory" window.

Now i test my work, it needs many times lot's of uploading.
With that i noticed that the import menu is not placed on a logic place.

My suggestion is to move this part.

Into the inventory window.


Why ?

Many times you upload a object and you need to rezz it after upload. Nothing nicer then have the controls close to each other. In my case i delete old object. Then i need to think.... because for soem reason i expect the import tools in the inventory window.... Figure out i need to go from the bottom of the screen complete to the top (glad i have not a 4K screen) and import the object. Then i need to move down again to grab the object and rezz it.

The workflow is right now not really logic and streamlined.

Make it also more easy to access, by just use buttons on panel. not a pull down menu.


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