Lighting Script Bug?

I made a post previously regarding lighting and I received information that made it all work. However....

Just MeJuly 28, 2018 10:38

I don't know if Galen reads this post, but I think I have discovered a bug in his script.

I am using a trigger volume with a Galen Script, that speaks to the HUB I have installed on my experience, the trigger operates lights, again controlled by Galens scripts.

The idea is to have the lights on a low setting, and increase when someone comes into range, then resuming its former settings when the avatar is out of range.

All works fine until after the first trigger. I see the low glowing lights from a distance, they increase intensity when I approach but turn off when I am out of range, not resetting to the former setting but setting to the default of 0 intensity.


Not sure if this is a bug in the script or the light function.


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