Add QUICK button to open and close the properties and inventory window in edit mode and a few other ones.

Sansar did hide options you need many times to much in menu's
And that make things a slow process.

The 2 most important windows you need to open and clsoe many times are INVENTORY and PROPERTIES ! Now why are the hidden under a menu, when it would be much better if the have it's own quick button to click.

REQUEST: add a extra button to the menu bar to open and close properties and inventory. So we not have the painfull slow process of going every time into. Tools , then find the tiny inventory text and click it.

Ok, it would be better if you could move the inventory window to other monitor.  But that's asking to much.

ADD: lLso important to have quick access to:

Especially with the problematic 3D pivot sansar use. (you not see it in objects)


All things you need to have access to with 1 CLICK. not many clicks.


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