Strange shadows in sansar.

Right now i cannot see where things go wrong. I go test a bit more be removing materials. I made object in blender. did soem painting in 3D-Coat. Then imported that back into bledner and export it to Sansar.

It looks fine in blender and 3d-coat.

I did add a light in sansar inside it , because it's much darker then i want. I need to repaint it different anyway.


Bit this is how it  looks in sansar. already tried to adjust a few settings in blender.

The problem is the strange shadow lines. i have them on other places in  the object to. cannot see where the could come from.

 I just tried a simple basic grey surface. and there's no shadow.
Think it's best to design with flat colors and avoid PBR, always good for problems. Need todo more testing and learning.




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