Color correction toggle

In the last several months, a change appears to have been made to the way Sansar renders color. It seems that there is now a film-like color correction feature built-in, because now all of my highly-saturated textures appear so much less saturated. The color is now really washed out and desaturated. This is nearly identical to the effect seen in Blender when turning on the Filmic color management setting.

While this is great for realistic projects, it is terrible for stylized and non-photoreal work. The majority of my work falls into the latter categories. 

We need the ability to turn off this color correction on a "per experience" basis. Right now it's a one-size-fits-all approach that will push away some creators. Myself included...

Since the majority of my work is stylized and often uses very colorful, saturated textures, I won't be able to create in Sansar in the future unless this issue gets addressed. I need to be able to make my projects look how I envisioned them. I can't do that in Sansar anymore because of this problem.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about.



The first shot is how it should look. The second shot is how it now looks...

Please let us turn off this color correction if we wish on our own experiences.


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