Reflex4 scripts finally available

After months of development and testing, I've finally released the first 40 scripts in version 4 of Reflex. You can get extensive documentation about them here:


This suite replicates almost all the functionality found in version 3 scripts and adds quite a few features completely unique to Sansar. But this is just the start. There are many more scripts coming very soon.

With Reflex4 I scrapped the underlying framework and started from scratch using Reflective and other more efficient new script API features LL has been putting out. Starting as far back as last November, I ended up recreating that framework several times in light of experiments and discussions with Kelly, Aleks, and others on the development team. Since then I've done extensive testing of this model and every script. I won't promise there won't be any bugs, of course, but I can say that this system is solid and I'll fix any bugs that come along.

Please do learn more about the new scripts on my website and get started with the free hub script. I'll be adding lots more documentation over the coming weeks.

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