Editor camera locking up

I'm still getting locked into an editor mode where camera movement is disabled and you can only rotate with the mouse.  I'm not talking about how you can rotate around a selected object.  The camera gets locked in the current position, and not around an object, and none of the movement keys works.  Is there a way to avoid that or break out of it without having to restart?  I used to be able to break out of it reliably in the past, through some combination of selecting an object in the list and clicking empty space to deselect, but I'm finding it even harder to break out of with the recent release.  I've had to restart a few times today because nothing worked.

It might be thinking that the control key is being held down, when it's not.  The camera lock doesn't go away if I enter the experience, and the D key makes the debug window pop up.  Sometimes when the camera gets locked in the editor, the D key creates a duplicate of the selected object instead of moving the camera to the right.

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