Multiple Media Materials and controls

The concept of being able to play multiple media streams on the same texture is a proven technology, first conceived in Second Life with the Silver Stream, using proximity switching. The same 'technology' that is the norm in web browsers that deliver more than one url stream.

In fact in Second Life, a single avatar/client could stream up to 6 multi media formats at the same time. The format could be all the same, movie, audio, website content or a mixture. The reason it was never adopted was A) lack of enough bandwidth B) Confusing output unless all streams were perfectly synced.

Is Sansar going to have more than a single media texture?

I would prefer to be able to display interactive web content on multiple screens. I need to be able to show a Visual stream, Audio Stream, Interactive web content, all at the same time. Very useful for training, onboarding, exhibitions, siminars etc etc.

If each media texture is scriptable than anyone can add interaction and url control via a 'player' or even better, a HUD for both the creator and user. Additional controls can be added such as user/access control based upon a users tag/status within a group or public membership.


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