Features that make a difference

1) The biggest problem with any GUI is learning where the meat and potato functions are.

This is acerbated when the menu system does not follow any form of protocol and then uses it own function indicators and descriptions. So why these non-descript Icons dotted all over the place. I feel like I am swatting a fly in a large room. For the first time I find myself saying, take a leaf from windows GUI, the vast majority of the populous use it. Using a gamut of menu types, Pop Outs, sliders, drop downs, looks like the system has been created by many designers that never met.

2) Please make the GUI scaleable. Currently I am constantly running out of screen real estate, moreso when menu footprints are larger than visually and overlap.

3) Being able to change the type and size of the inventory window icons would help save working space.

4) Have a X (delete/close) icon on each GUI window saves searching for the icon to remove it. Resolution of window icons needs increasing, as opposed to trying to click the 'sweet spot'.

5) STICKY, please make menu choices, locations, sizes, settings etc sticky. Saves me repeating processes over and over to do the same thing. This also goes for the GUI layout, once I set it, I want it to stay that way, unless I change it.

6) Important one to me as an Artist - Colour Maps, colour and Alpha settings on vertices being honoured/imported with my meshes. This feature alone adds so much more realism without the cost.

7) Being able to make changes to the materials etc of items in my inventory. Very time consuming making adjustments, then having to reload the model in order to be able to sell it. Moreso when material changes are the only difference between variations/themes.

8) Import Menu - Not having to select 'Custom Texture' at the bottom of the long list before being able to browse, is time consuming, I would prefer the ability to browse for a texture change to be a one click affair. Making that function constantly available is a high priority for me, currently it is frustrating.

When a graphic format is used in a model (for whatever reason), the Browse button should automatically be livened and available.

The Internal menu selection 'Custom Texture' is the same colour as all other text, making it hard to select/detect, at high resolutions.

9) When I update a model using the same name etc, I would prefer that the saved material/shader settings I saved on that model, be sticky. Presently, updating a model for fine adjustments means all Sansar settings are lost, same when I re-upload the same model more than once. Tedious and time consuming.

10) Why are all materials shiny when imported/displayed? It is true in the real world that all surfaces reflect some light wavelengths, else we would not have any colour other than black, not even grey scales. The colour of every object that is not pure black, is the wavelength that is reflects, not absorbs. However reflecting a wavelength or two does not automatically make is shiny!

11) I have a huge library of material files, which include Occlusion, Displacement, Spectacular and Normal (which currently causes artifacts and darkening of any material that it is applied to in Sansar and are currently not handled well) maps. Sansar for some reason, has ignored these most basic maps for a material. The current use of only Roughness and Metalness does not cover the basic spectrum.

12) Is tessellation/displacement going to feature in Sansar? The added depth for materials is always well worth it in my opinion. Currently every surface is flat.

13) I would appreciate being able to view an object/scene as a first person avatar, so I can see things as they will appear to an avatar once published. A switchable option would be cool.

14) Is a 'Sit' option going to be added by default in Sansar, so I can make usable seating plans/layouts?

15) The current subscribe options are way to expensive to be viable for anyone who creates immersive environments for business. I'd like to see a Publish option to export the scene for use in different hosting environments. Similar to XML exporting/importing from/to SecondLife/OpenSim.

The cost for hosting even 5 scenes is expensive. This is the only real difference between subscription and free. I host 25+ fully working immersive environments, scripted and full media access along with inhouse voice comms, on a single server that can support over 1000 connections, for the same money. This includes HyperGrid functionality.

The danger to Sansars future is whether it will become just another sink hole, where designers/creators and developers simply place more copies of their wares into another bespoke platform. Alternatively, it could become Second Life on steroids. Then trying to get potential customers to adopt yet another bespoke client/system to use it. Currently Sansars real future use, can easily be seen as a way to display products in 3D, or glorified showroom.



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