Possibility to edit controls + pathing teleport movement

Is any possibility to have users able to change controls to their liking?


I'm having very difficult time moving through worlds with room-scale HTC Vive.

Reason is that when ever I try to use right trackpad for teleport it shifts camera around. This gives me hell of motion sickness in worlds. I would very much appreciate if I could just disable that camera rotate and just use my own head to look around.

Also I understand that the teleport movement breaks some virtual world immersity but us motion sickness visitors just need it. As an alternative look what they did on the game Waltz of the Wizard to bring non-motion sickness movement through teleport. There you use your trackpad to "draw" a path you want to walk and it teleports you with small steps through that path. Like you were walking. You could build it to show like walking animation in virtual world. This would not break immersity that much.


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