Collision/Volume weirdness, pls some guidelines?

Hi there Sansar team!

Clear question, long time testing.

Collisions that are imported get optimized, pls tell us what are the "rules"? It is very unpredictable as it is right now.

Volumes that are added in world do not react to surface snap when sized down. They react to the original added volume. Also very bulky editing, gizmo would be better then typing in numbers over and over.

Small collision objects are a nightmare! I will not give up but it is past fun by now! On a small object the imported collision gets sized down. Making it impossible to predict how an object will work in-world. 

I am still testing and would like to not have to give up. 

A simple cube should not be optimized or scaled down. A Blender made collision should be in world the same as in Blender (or any app). If it is not, the whole VR part, like picking up a small object, stacking, moving is out of reach.

If all of this cannot be changed ( am sure it can), I would like to have a way to see my model on uploading, not just the model, also the collision. As I have to edit, build, see it fail, edit build.... you get the point.

I would be thankful if we can have some guidelines here? Or more control. Like having an option to opt out on  Sansar crushing my collisions? Maybe have a triangle count limit for that?


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