[TUTORIAL] How to backup/copy your Sansar scene!

Friendly greetings! If you're creating a cool experience that means a lot to you, I highly recommend you BACKUP your scene periodically — like before making major changes! You'll have an easy restore point that'll give you peace of mind, and save you lots of time and/or heartache.

Until we have a "Copy scene" button or something simpler, here's how to do it:


  1. On the Atlas, click the red CREATE button.
  2. Next to the experience name, note the desired scene name next to "Contains".
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of MY EXPERIENCES list and click this CREATE button too.
  4. Give your backup a name, I suggest a date and description like "2018-05-04 - SO AWESOME".
  5. Click Choose starting content and choose the scene name from earlier.
  6. Click this red CREATE button too! Third time's the charm!
  7. Next to the newly-created experience, click "..." > Delete experience/scene
  8. Under "Choose what to delete:", select Experience only. The reason why you want to delete this is to free up an experience slot. You can create unlimited unlinked scenes.

Now at the bottom of MY EXPERIENCES, you'll see the scene, where it can be re-linked as-needed in the future.

And remember, Trix are for kids, I mean, here are the differences between experiences and scenes.


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