Store - URL for one resident's store is case-sensitive and not consistent with experience URLs

If you want to see my experiences you use the lower-cased "galen":


If you want to see my store, you use the upper-cased "Galen":


It's bad enough that we have no way to discover the username (e.g., "Galen") for someone using the AgentPrivate.AgentInfo data structure. We can only get it for the owner of a scene and only by parsing the Atlas URL. But it's worse that we can't use that always lower-cased ID to point someone to the owner's store because there's no way to tell the case-sensitive actual username.

Shouldn't the store URL accept case-insensitive versions of the username? Or at least accept the lower-case version?

And can we please get this information in script from AgentPrivate.AgentInfo for other users? This feature hole is frustrating. I can't even develop a useful security script without asking my users to collect UUIDs of people they want to give rights to, since display names are not guaranteed unique (nor should they be).


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