VR PaintBall


Most artwork is provided by Nya Alchemi, programming by Gindipple

It doesn't get much funner than this.

Which team will you play one?

Map is randomly generated.

VR users can pick up one of the guns laying outside your base.

Desktop users can type get gun (and return gun)

To fire it use space bar or the Occulus Rift's controller X button. May work as well with the gamepad. Vive support for firing we hope is coming soon from the Lab.

At first you will enter a staging area where can walk through a door to join the red team or blue team. Or if you just want to watch feel free to join the sepctator area.

If you are the first person to arrive, allow a little time for the map to fully generate.

Point System:

Killing an opposing team member is 2 points

Killing a random target dummy is 1 point

Killing a teammate deducts a point

Capturing a flag is 30 points

100 points to win a match


If you wish to leave the playfield and spectate, simply go into lookbook and back and enter the spectator area.

This is a work in progress so there will be some bugs show up. I try to fix them as I can. 

You get 250 ammo to start with, it can run out and you will have to reload (automated 5 second delay for now)

If you are shot several times in short succession you will die and be taken to your graveyard.

There are health bars with team indicator, but they are a bit under performant for now so I may turn them on occasionally for testing.

You will regenerate health if not shot at for a while.

From the spectator area you may walk under the rotating sign to be taken to the staging area.

You may drop the flag with F12 to like hand it off to someone else to carry.

Being killed will also drop the flag where either a teammate could grab it or an opposing team member can return it to their base. Walking over the flag activates this.

Watch for future developments

And have fun!

Oh and if you do have fun please click the little heart on the atlas page to show your support.



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