Sansar's direction and competitors

Hi everyone. I love Sansar for many reasons, For my background I have 12 years of SL. I also tried 3 competitors  for comparison and to be honest I am slightly concerned.

Sansar has a lot of qualities, the most striking, it is by far the prettiest and most polished and the most likely to succeed in the long run ..IF it hurries on developments, because those competitors are moving fast and content + fun will always beat eye candy.

Yes Sansar needs to stop lagging in development like it is now, little additions would go a long way, like implementing a welcome areas, lobbies for discussions, groups, more features for creators to bring content to their experiences (interactions with objects?)

Another crucial point is to not focus on VR, while it's great, I do love my oculus rift but I can't use it for too long, or sometimes don't want to voice.

Sansar should be attracting a much larger audience, the first initial reaction when my friends visit the site is "oh its the VR game, sorry i will pass..I don't have VR, I can't run or afford it"

We want to build worlds and live in them, user friendly for everyone with or without VR.

In Short, Lindens, hurry with the development, do not let the competition set the standards and make it friendlier for non VR users. Make it a SL 2!


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