[TUTORIAL] Getting a 2D image/picture/sign onto a Sansar object

Friendly greetings!

I keep getting asked this and it's a great question, so I just wanted to share a quick way to get 2D images into Sansar so you can display them as wall art, a poster, a painting, or whatever. It's just a very basic how-to if you consider yourself more of a "customizer" than a "creator", so I just wanted to keep it simple and approachable.

(Advanced creative artisans reading this, feel free to reply with advice to make this better.)


- First, buy an existing painting/object in the Store that looks the approximate proportions. Heck, even search for "painting". Like for a square thing, I like this one.
- Go into the scene editor and drag the newly-purchased object from your inventory into the scene. So you should see it with the art the creator previously setup.
- In SCENE OBJECTS list on the left, right-click the object and choose Materials...
- Now you'll need to pick one of the materials to change. It'll differ per object, you may need to experiment. But using the above example which is pretty simple,, choose 01 - Default on the left, and under Albedo Map choose Custom Texture File like this:
- Click BROWSE to pick a PNG graphic from your local hard drive, then upload that 2D image into Sansar.
- Click SAVE SETTINGS to see the changes.
Now, your custom art should appear in the scene! Edit it just like any other object.
For more background, see the "Materials editing and shaders"

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