I found the Sansar amazing, with a lot of potential. The graphics are beautiful and wonderful, the created worlds are perfect. I miss more actions and interactions with the environment in which you are. Like, you find a chest and you can open it. Find poses where you can interact with each other, such as kissing, hugging, dancing together. I also miss the physics, the game is very static. I wanted to see the hair in motion, the dresses swaying, things I see in Second Life and what I did not see in Sansar. I think details like that add more life to the game. Since this game is modern, I believe that adding those details to Sansar is not difficult.

One thing I noticed. Is that for you to play Sansar, you need to have a powerful computer. I would love this game to be more accessible to weaker computers as well. I think few people would be interested in upgrading your computer, just to play Sansar. I could not change Sansar's graphical settings. And it bothered me. 

I would like Sansar to be available in more languages (Like Latin Spanish, and European languages).

I also missed flying, it gave me a sense of freedom. The water quality of Sansar is poor, and you can not swim.

I hope Sansar will outperform Second Life as soon as possible, so that it becomes popular.

It's just a personal opinion, I would love to see these improvements at Sansar. 

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