Hello  Everyone


Soon it will be on e year that Sansar (beta) has opened to public.

And I think it is time to sum up a little on what was discussed by some before this public opening, and at what Sansar features are today.

When I first  got the Sansar invite 15 months ago, I was very excited to see what Linden Lab sitting in the middle of silicon valley had  to offer, to the computer graphics industry given the massive amount of information they gather  from Second Life clients and the technology developers parked around the San Francisco bay area.

Considering that Linden Lab is a company that possibly offer profits to its investors north of 150 million  a year, the premises for something that could have shacked the gaming industry were not far from realistic, if we consider the resources and the ecosystem in which this great company operates.


Then I finally installed the Sansar suite, and to me like most of people who did get invited , we saw a under featured, and old technology mentality platform being developed, something that made at that time most if the people invited just uninstall the client and not follow forum nor  the sansar slack chat....back then it was all on slack.


Today I wish to make this post , specifying what back then I  have posted on forums that Sansar needed to be a platform worth to exist from 2020 to 2030.

But just before I wish to  explain that at this moment in 2018, we have enough technology to  have overtaken polygon count threshold in gaming, and we are one PCIE generation before total real time Raytraced gaming, where rasterized is smartly implemented like in Pixar Studios for those parts of the scenes where light information is backed  when i has no influence in the dynamics of the scene or game play....(eg wall lights illuminating ceilings or any indirect light that will have too weak energy to affect illumination in the scene in general).

Overall the key word is PHOTOREALISM, the ultimate goal of  any 3d/CG artists, something that metalness workflow will never be able to deliver.

Back then  I simply stated that I would have liked support for:

Vray Materials...(few months later Epyc games launched VRAY material support beta for UE both for gaming and professional archiviz)

IES Lights.

Here is a link to what is made  in unreal engine with photorealism


I asked to abandon the business model of play money (Sandex) as this make sit impossible for any serious creator to create a business platform.

I asked that The Sansar Atlas had to be like  a steam shop and NOT, like an SL blog, so for those experience developers to be able to keep the clients they  pitch from the web to come and play on Sansar to stay as their own clients and NOT  a Sansar client.

We have asked for a lot of things regarding the interface, and ability to establish quotas and projects in  teams when setting up a project, so that the whole team would be able to share every asset that has been uploaded in a project, and at the same time warrant ever members profitability....while im sure something like this might come around one day, many understand that not prioritizing this from day one makes the platform not safe to want to operate on business wise.

Umbra graphics is fantastic but it is best for console gaming....again You cant develop in teams for Sansar consolle gaming.


Sansar is NOT a Game NOR a community...the experiences are  to be games and each of them have a community, the ability to make friends and stay in touch  with should be  related to a single experience  and its creator and NOT the Sansar platform

The list can go on and on and on

There was once an idea for voxel based  Terraforming now there is nothing.

Physical water was asked,  nothing.

Particles o yeah particles where are those?!

Key board mapping...nothing

Camera mapping...nothing

Full FBX support...nothing

Full support for Houdini scripts and plugins...nothing, so forget about getting any procedural content on here, if u wanna make a game on the fly, or offer product to people who have no idea on how to make stuff  at all.

Trust Me no Houdini , No party!



Now Sansar has  moved on from being what it originally wanted to be, to a copycat Secondlife  that bases its activity on making events, with zero focus on the money and the content creation qualities.

So yeah PCIE 4.0 might be skipped to directly PCIe5.0 but regardless, the fact is that consumers will be able to run more gpus  to run raytraced gaming, with 60 teraflops of compute power  available already on high end desktops, if the platform supports it.

For those of You who do not knwo what 60 teraflops of compute power can do, the answer if the simple way is full raytraced/pathraced run time gaming, which allows   total photorealism to those who know how to master cameras, lighting and  shaders.

Another thing that is interesting about Sansar is the fact that it is  promoted to be a VR platform, when true Visual VR  threshold , is Headsets display at 16kx16 K resolution running at 244 FPS...sansar is not even supporting 8 k textures, when some game snow support 16k,  something that is a minimum requirement for landscaping and terrain, nor IM sure if UDIM mapping is supported at all.


the minimun requirement for a VR platform is to have VR hads fully developed  featured and  codeable to do things with any finger  long with begin animated and of course.....why am I saying this again?!... allow keyboard mapping, sound familiar?!


When You get on the sansar client, you dont eve get any access to AUDIO settings, video settings, graphics settings, keyboard settings...all things that the content creator would FIRST wanna  develop  before even creating any one polygon object...how is it possible that the  content creator has no tool at all to create HIS OWN  interface for HIS own experience for people to  use?!

So a though has to be given  if Sansar has any scope to exist and invest on at all because:

VR headsets dont run at 16kx16 at 244 FPS yet.

UE4 is way easier to use and faster to do  things on and its free.

You have UE4 with Vray  for professionals   beta now available.

Nvidia is soon to launch Holodeck, so You can pathtraced with IRay  on any project in a team in VR on any project.

Nvida  Raytraced games will launch this year, with steam  offering game developers a shop  for them to be able to sell more of their EXPERIENCES, if they dont desire to market themselves via their own websites, like eg War Thunder.

AND LAST but NOT least, for those content creators who ares still old timers and need a simple platform there is a well established thriving platform  called Second Life, that is the most powerful run time Game engine in the world, where up to 100 clients can EDIT the same scene   together, you can change appearance flawlessly during game play and  drop in your scene during gameplay anything You want instantaneously......this is something that is NOT possible in any game in the world and that makes SL special even with it limitations compared to anything else.

There is even going to be animesh on it pffft, if it wasnt  because there is stil  a lot of people running on old laptops, Sl would be today so more advanced as well...it is funny to see people gaming without a gaming computer still  unable to run without advanced lighting model...but i guess this is what makes it cheap and special to many old timers.


 Dear Ebbe Altberg, ma i suggest a Second Life, called Third Life, that runs ON Vray shaders and lights, with full fbx support, and total control of the viewer by the creator, so he can map and design the whole UI , cams and commands to what is best suitable for their creations, for gaming desktop clients?!no play money?!

I can guarantee to You that You will get 800% more developers on the first day You  launch any alpha and a inworld economy comparable to more than whatever FB could even  remotely dream of?!

You are in the toughest period of any start up, the time  between the 2nd and the 3rd year, is where You will need to decide if to continue to develop Sansar or to cut losses......I am confident You will make a wise choice and consider this Sansar experience a very precious source of data for Your next projects feasibility studies, Project managers / Engineers and especially business model, prioritizing first the client and then  because of success see its measure of, in Your future balance sheets.


p.s. If any one reading this post has taken any offense, please do knwo that My intention is not to offend or belittle anyone, the staff at Linden Lab has always  been working very hard, they are wonderful people that many companies would envy, as  instead for You Sansar clients some of You do know advanced stuff some are learning, some of you have good computers others dont, some of you believe in sansar a lot and love it, and I can fully respect that, but please take into consideration also the other overwhelming majority that does have gaming computers, the tens of thousands of content creators who work very hard every day sometimes with tough time getting their bills payed to provide games, and the tens of millions who do game on the steam shop or hundreds of thousands who are in the VFX CG and architectural visualization  ecosystem......I sorry it sucks to say but many of these, came looked and left and yeah its much more than those who stayed on....just people like You who have a say just as You do...with respect of course!!




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