Help us communicate Desktop <> VR pls

I like being a part of Sansar, fell for all LL provided, all we created together and even more for the ppl in Sansar! But there is a big BUT rising, more obvious ever meeting, visit and Atlas Hopping etc. for those that do not voice, or do not at that moment.

I know some ppl try, even in VR and some don't voice either so they connect. Alas, most of the time, as you don't use voice you feel invisible, mute and isolated. 

LL, do rush anything in the pipeline for making it possible for ppl to see who is talking. Pls, find a way to have VR ppl "hear"/read their fellow Sansarians. Type to voice, chat bubbles (yes, sure, make em optional).... anything to make non-voice less lonely. 


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