Overall VR Improvements Suggestions.

I think we can all agree that right now, VR mode in sansar is less than ideal, of course that makes sense because it's in beta, but someone has to give feedback so here's my ideas.

  1. A) Remove the requirement that sansar doesn't show vr movements to other players when the vive inner sensor doesn't read the headset as on. This is a huge issue for me because I have a much more comfortable leather face cushion, but it covers the inner sensor a bit so the vive says my headset is off, and even if I press "vr-mode on/off" my hand motions are still not shown. I get why they might do this, because if someone takes their headset off, you don't glitch the avatar's pose or something, but in reality players should be disabling vr mode before taking their headsets off.
    B) I seem to have found that tabbing out of sansar or even pressing the steam VR button can switch sansar to desktop mode, and even switches audio sources from the headset to your computer's speakers. This also needs to be removed, because it doesn't promote useability for people needing to actually use their computer while playing Sansar, it just makes it awkward and look like the game's crashed because your game disapears from your vision when you tab out in vr, which doesn't feel good overall to see.
  2. Stop the menus in vr-mode from turning to meet you halfway, because it's extremely slow to use, and it makes it so it's impossible to quickly use the menu due to the fact that nothing stays where you last saw it, you can't predict where the button will be halfway from your vision and it's current place.
  3. Get VR users the ability to scroll by running their thumb on the trackpad up and down, because having to move your reticle to the small thin scroll bar and holding trigger and then tilting your head down to scroll isn't comfortable or useable.
  4. Add chat and friends stuff to the menu button menu when in vr, and a notification to show when a new chat and friend request is sent so that VR users can actually use sansar like desktop users. Like a fine solution is just giving them the same UI as desktop, like you do with the atlas UI.
  5. Look into motion tracking improvements, because my hands in the game still lag behind and this is only in sansar, and I have a GTX 1070 and an i5-6600k cpu, and my rig holds VR just fine and I've never seen my hands lag behind in any other game I've played, so I shouldn't really have any problems.
  6. Push back the personal space of avatars, because in VR mode, when you collide with someone they disapear basically, so then you're like "why am I not able to move" and you can't see them either, and they are only like an arm length away.
  7. (New after playing some more) They need to decide whether the controller or your head actively decides where you are going. Because as of now, movement is a little stiff and mixed, if I have a vote on what to fix it to, it's the controller's pointed direction should decide influence the direction you go in, but you should stil be able to strafe without having to turn your controller, much like onward does.
  8. (New after playing some more) Another suggestion is to make so when you're attempting to teleport with trackpad, where ever you place your finger and press down, that's the default rotation of your room when you get teleported over there, meaning it doesn't rotate you if you don't move your finger. As it is now, if you place your finger on the bottom of the trackpad and press, you'll teleport /and/ turn around. Or when trying to teleport a long distance, you end up slowly turning if your finger isn't exactly center. Only rotating your finger on the trackpad /after/ pressing down should rotate your playspace, not have each angle mapped to a pre-set relative position when you press down.

Again, basic synchronicity between the interface that desktop users and VR-users see is crucial to making it just as fun, and more importantly useable for people who use VR.


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